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The sample videos provided on this page are designed to help you determine the best recording package suitable for you're event.

Custom Packages

The following two videos show what is possible when using multiple cameras to capture an event. 

One High Definition Camera


One camera is most suitable for solo and small ensemble performances such as recitals and recording sessions.


Two High Definition Cameras


Two cameras are best fit for capturing medium to large groups allowing for a final video reminescent of the performance in its entirety.

Three High Definition Cameras


Three cameras are perfect for capturing large groups where the action needs to be captured from multiple angles.


- One camera could be used for a static wide angle.

- The second camera could be used for soloists, small

  groups, and closeups.

- The third camera could be used for the conductor).


*In this particular case, the USC staff was hired to record the audio.  However, I often record both the audio and video to make for a cohesive final product.

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