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Goyette Sound and Video is now offering VHS Conversion services!

We use specialized hardware to digitize VHS tapes to ensure the best capture possible.  Using Time Base Correction technology along with hardware upscalers ensures a clean transfer.  Each piece of hardware was chosen specifically to digitize your memories in the best quality possible.


Rates for conversion services

$39 / VHS tape (Basic Package)

  • Includes (1) h.264 download link perfect for YouTube or Vimeo

  • Upscaled to 1080p for better viewing and compatibility across devices


$25 / Options

  • ​Color Correction (adjust for faded colors, white balance, and sharpening if needed)

  • DVD (custom labeled standard definition DVD in slim case, includes basic menu)


$30 / Options

  • ​Blu-ray (custom labeled upscaled Blu-ray in Blu-ray case, includes basic menu)

  • Custom Menu with specific titles, pictures, and navigational buttons.


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