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Goyette Sound and Video has always been about achieving the best possible recordings for our clients.  Our attention to detail is second to none.  We specialize in filming HD video along with capturing pristine audio.  

Goyette Sound and Video carefully plans out each recording event. We consider all the details, whether it is a live show, event, or a recording session in our studio.  We make sure the gear used to capture your event or session is more than ready to do a great job.

Our production goals and values include (but are not limited to):
-making you feel comfortable and catering to your needs.
-exceeding your expectations.
-giving you a final product you can be proud of.

We offer the following services and more:
-Capturing 4k and HD footage of your event.
-Multicam filming and editing.
-Multitrack audio capture. (in our studio or in a venue of your choice)
-Bluray, DVD, and CD Production and duplication.

Hire us and we'll make your organization money!
We offer a great "payback" program to school organizations and large events looking to sell Blurays, DVDs, and CDs to students, parents and audience members.  Goyette Sound and Video will set up an order form table with a preview of your event to be seen on a LED TV to promote sales.  Many schools and organizations have actually made money by hiring us to capture their recital, concert, or other event.  Please contact us for details of how you to can make your school or organization money!

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